Main goal of the project was creation of environment, which supports full communication possibilities. Soft Fund developed system libraries, drivers for low-level support, Internet layer, database support and several end-user applications.
Developed Internet layer supports following network protocols:
PPP, IP, TCP, UDP, Socks security protocol, DNS.
Developed environment supports full fax function, Internet remote mailbox function, high-performance local databases and small script language. Software was developed according to ANSI C standard. Part of the software was used under Win32 and Linux.

There were following specific features of this project:
 Developed software was made in a condition of presence of strong restrictions on performance of applications, dynamic and file memory usage.
 Communication software was one of the main points in these projects.
 This development was made in collaboration with several international working groups with the e-mail usage for coordination and integration goals.
 Special requirements were compatibility of the software with different operation systems.
Soft fund’s team included 3-6 persons on the different stages of this project.
Development terms were 3 years. 

Customer : BBS Inc. France.

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System for design of retail labels was developed in 1998-1999. It's powerful Win32 software, which allows designing and printing of data aware retail labels. It was developed in the three-tiered model and contains powerful graphic designer, database manager, printing utility, special developed language and a lot of small data transferring utilities.
System was implemented on component basics with the active usage of OLE automation objects, scripting technologies, and ODBC-compatible data import technologies.

Soft fund’s team included 4-5 persons on the different stages of this project.
Development terms were 1.5 years.  

General customer : RTI Technology Inc. USA