Full scale billing system "Pulse" supports automated billing, accounts with customers and various statistical information gathering.


Key functional&competitive features of Pulse are :
  Standartization of the shipped services , based on ability to construct user-defined packages of the services reusable for different customers.
 Effective solution for processing of huge data arrays (up to millions of records) on the low-cost hardware platforms.
 Support of customer accounts state integrity in case of data changing on the past periods
 Support of tariffs history with automatic selection of the tariff appropriated to the billed event date during the billing process
 Support of history of phone lines belonging to the customers. Allows switching phone lines between customers
 Accounting of the customer accounts reflects on billing of the shipped services and receiving of the payments. Every operation is registered in the system by the double-entry bookkeeping operation as well .
 Customer convenience is based on single invoice billing, which includes total spectrum of the shipped services. Customer is billed on predefined billing periods or according to the business rules considered by prepaid accounts or on own demand.
 Data archiving support. Provides mechanism of optimizing and tuning of the performance by the data archiving period setting . Actual data can be moved to the separate database instance as a result actual database overload is decreased.
  Opened system architecture , provide flexibility to expand spectrum of the shipped services by the development of the service specific modules, which could be attached to the working system without essential downtime.
 Powerful report generation features is integrated in the system with ability to attach new reports to the existing applications
 Unified data interfaces allow to attach various communication equipment without changing of the system kernel. 

Prism is CISCO NetFlow network statistics collection system system. Developed under GNU license
Key functional&competitive features of Prism are :
 System support various collection schemes oriented to further accounting/billing as well as monitoring/statistics analysis usage
 RFC compliant system architecture.
Separation of extraction and collection services in separate modules minimizes the risk of network statistics losses
Unified API of network patterns management preserves data integrity
Emebedded internet zones support allows to build patterns on regional basics
Opened system architecture allows to reach customized collection features by plugging in specific user-implemented modules
Embedded error detection and status validation features make exploitation easy, support remote system administration and allow to reach high performance of service restoration
System supports various configurations like standalone server or servers tandem depends on site specific requirements
Collected network statistics like a byte counters are stored in relational database and allows to make further processing by SQL92