Soft Fund Ltd. provides services to make available software solutions.
Phenomenon platform (Copyright Soft fund ltd. , Kiev, 2005-2009) offers ability to build&maintain specialized business process integration solutions on the top of unified modeling and business process integration engine.
Customer roadmap :
1) Make an order via (press "Order" button to start). Result : order&process integration service agreement are accepted for processing;
2) Consider the Specification of ordered specialized solution, delivery terms and pricing proposal. Result : process integration service agreement execution start;
3) Install&use specialized solution delivered under the Specification;
4) As required make an new orders to develop the solution to meet with actual business requirements, which are processed similarly.
The samples of developed specialized solution are:
  • Ecozvit (Copyright Soft fund ltd., Kiev, 2005-2009) ( Implements process of development of background materials to obtain permission to air emission. Widely used by Ukrainian industrial enterprises, engineering and professional services firms;
    Ecozvit guaranties compliance of provided electronic documents with regulation requirements by facilities, which allow compliance verification on the development stage. Customer could scale the system by addition of personificated working spaces up to business grows. Available as Internet and Intranet solution.
  • Soft fund CRM (Copyright Soft fund ltd., Kiev, 2006-2009) ( - implements process of generation&support of licensing agreements to maintain relationships with customers of own software products; etc. As a result of introduction of Soft fund CRM the response time was decreased three times , direct charges on client order service was decreased two times.
How it works diagramm:  

Software development services provided by Soft Fund includes following service packages :
(I) Service to product package.
Useful for implementation of specific software products under customer order. Usually includes specification, programming, quality assurance, fixed time support. The result is delivery of target application in-time and in-budget. Usually based on software development agreement. Create request for development agreement for more details.
(II) Service on demand package.
Useful for delivery of IT outsourcing services on demand. Usually includes fixed time minimal service volume, preconsidered response time, service requests and performance tracking framework. Optionally could include the optimization task included. Result is managable process of customer driven development. Usually based on service level agreement. Create request for service level agreement for more details.
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