"Soft Fund" Ltd. software products are well known on Ukrainian market. They could be delivered to international customers "AS IS" as well as serve like a basics for development of customized solutions :
“Faust” products series (Copyright Soft Fund Ltd., JSB Starokievskij bank, Kiev 1997-2003)  includes 3 integrated systems to automate work of different bank departments, such as credit department and cash card department.
Soft Fund is known on the Ukrainian software market as vendor of software for the solution of the task, connected with prediction of air pollution produced by the emissions of the enterprises. There are several hundreds users of the program “Aeolus-2000”(Copyright Soft Fund Ltd., Kiev 1997-2005)., which realizes dispersion model for calculation of dispersion of pollutants. The program has sustained rigid competition and now one of the most popular program of such case of software on Ukraine. The ministry of the ecological safety of Ukraine certifies “Eol-2000”. Exists experimental version of system with English language, which implements one of dispersion models , which is used in USA.
Business intelligence solution EcoZvit provides web service to maintain development of background materials to obtain permission to air emission & statistical reporting of enterprices in air pollution sphere.