"Faust” products series (Copyright Soft Fund Ltd., JSB Starokievskij bank, Kiev 1997-2003)  includes 3 integrated systems to automate work of different bank departments, such as credit department and cash card department.
Key functional&competitive features :
  Unified and standardized data storage , which holds information about 
credits and deposits given to firms, another banks, persons etc., credits history, 
history of repaying of interest rates.
 Fully automated synchronization of “Faust” data storage with bank trading data ;
 Fully automated charging of overdraft accounts
 Analysis of clients paying capacity on the basics of turnover statistics;
 Support of various schemas of extra charging of interest rates
 Analysis of effectiveness of crediting activity on the basics of statistical graphs, which represents weight-average and effective interest rates, balance of assets and liabilities;
 Various efficient and statistical reports;
 User defined queries by example;
 Personified audit of database changes
 System architecture
“Faust” solutions are implemented in Client-Server technology (Client part-Windows 95, Server part - Windows NT). “Faust” uses OLE automation and it is integrated with other software, which is used  in bank like common system
Sirius is workflow system for automation of business process of bank currency department
Key functional&competitive features of developed solution are:
  DOM documents structur e
 Multiple signatures on single document support
 Restricted access to the single document and different documents powered by users roles and ACL
 Restricted access to the single document and different documents powered by users roles and ACL
  Dynamic building of user deskto p powered by users roles and ACL
  Powerful document routing engine , based on document state dependent document delivery
  Customizable business rules , which defines content dependent document state evaluation
 Support of form-based document representation and editing. Support of document/forms stability on time scale with ability to embed in the business process new document versions with new forms and keep old document versions with old form 
 Customizable assignment of roles to the system users with ability to combine and switch of roles between users
Audit and monitoring of workflow process in terms of participants activity, response time and processed documents volume 
Back-end trading software integration by the automatic generation of trading operations as a result of workflow process and acknowledgement of passing of these instructions through trading process
  Creation of structured enterprise information storage as a result of workflow activit y (clients, contractors, contracts, etc.)
It’s just in time solution for document oriented content management, which could be easily adapted to wide variety of applications in content management applications.
Key functional&competitive features of developed solution are:
XML data storage ;
Smart user-interface features - support of existing content substitution to simplify input of repeatable information slices;
Support of templates like a basics for the new documents;
Automated publishing of documents to the corporate data storage