Partnership program
This portfolio is provided like sample case of existing company possibilities.
Specification is significant part of the software development process. Our approach is based on world-wide standards like IDEF0, IDEF1X, UML, etc. and existing experience of specifications development. We are not closed to the specific specification format to reach maximal usability of the target product.
Several fragments of the developed solutions :

(I) Process flow IDEF0 diagram

Composition diagram

Decomposition diagram

(II) UML class diagram

Graphics objects hierarchy diagram

(III) IDEF1X database structure diagram

Securing subsystem database structure

Delphi is still usable for the development and support of existing products. Our 10-year experiences with Delphi is based on deap understanding of the Object Pascal object model and effective usage of it RAD capabilities. Several samples fragments of the developed solutions :
(I) Application screen dump

Air pollution map

(II) Air dispersion calculation application slide show
(III) Source code sample
ASP.NET, .NET is useful for perspective developments. Our 4-year experiences with .NET, ASP.NET is targetted to the development of the web-ready solutions.
(I) Application screen dump
On-line reporting application
(II) ASP.NET application demo
(III) Source code sample
RDMBS development is traditional but still actual software development task. Our expertice area covers following well known databases : Interbase®, Oracle®, PostgreSQL, MS SQL®.
(I) Source code sample
(II) Database optimization solution
XML is useful for data storage and exchange in heterogenous environments.
(I) Simple news board
(II) XML schema sample