"Играй от чистого сердца!"
“King square” is a verbal game. The basic principle of game-addition of one character to complete the new word on a game area. The title of game associated with chess because in basic variant of game each of new words must be readable by courses of the chess king (one square in vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction). Game is especially good for children and people studying English language.
Rules of game the following:
1.  Before the beginning of game in a area 5x5 of squares (the optimum size for 2 players) any five-alphabetic noun in sole number is written. The purpose of game is to fill all game area by words and to collect more points. The points are estimated depending on length of words.
2.  The new words should appear by addition only one letter. Letter must be entered in any square near already written word. The chain of the letters makes a new word. Each letter of new word is estimated as one point.
3.  It is not necessary to use all letters accessible on area. The chain of the letters making a word should be continuous and not crossed, i.e. it is impossible to use the same square twice.
4.  It is impossible to use words already formed on a game area. The new word should include a new letter.
5.  It is possible to play in this game by two or more players, but the current realization is made for the one player and computer and without network supporting. If quantity of the players is more than two, the square should have the size more than 5x5.
6.  There are two variants of game strategy:
 The players enter one word in one time
 The players enter two words in one time, that  allows to build small combinations
7.    There are two variants of drawing up of words depending on level  of complexity:
 More simple variant of game with a vertical or horizontal only direction of movement
 Standard variant of game with direction of movement like chess king