Soft Fund is known on the Ukrainian software market as vendor of software for the solution of the task, connected with prediction of air pollution produced by the emissions of the enterprises. There are at two hundreds users of the program “Aeolus-2000”, which realizes dispersion model for calculation of dispersion of pollutants. The program has sustained rigid competition and now one of the most popular program of such case of software on Ukraine. The ministry of the ecological safety of Ukraine certifies “Aeolus-2000”. Shareware english version is available.
Key features of Aeolus-2000 Copyright Soft Fund Ltd. 1997-2003 are: 
Universality. System allows creating of input model for the most of known at the present time industrial emission sources. Three basic models of emission sources are supported: “point”, ”line”, ”area”. 
Flexibility. System allows to produce modelling of atmosphere pollution in different weather situations with varying wind speed and wind direction, with or without account of background concentration values;  
Support of extremal situations modelling. System automatically produces the worst forecast of the atmosphere pollution in terms of achievement of maximal concentration on the calculated territory. 
Support of relative estimation of the atmosphere state. System supports calculation of the concentration in absolute units (mg/m3) as well as in relative units (shares of ACL (allowable concentration limit). USA analogy is TLV (threshold level values). Aeolus includes complete dictionary of the ACL. Relative estimation allows making simple conclusion about conformity of the modelled situation to the legal restrictions.
Support of step-by-step achievement of optimal solution. System is oriented to support of development of the solutions based on achievement of acceptable ecological situation on the calculated place. Expert can use powerful session support for storage of intermediate state of the processed model.
Standard input. System uses well-standardized input data interface. It’s more or less compliant with worldwide standards of input data, required for modelling of atmosphere dispersion. 
Powerful output data processor. System includes powerful output tables and map processor. Output tables processor allows to create common report about modelled object as well as process separate output tables independently. Common report can be archived and processed later by the report viewer. 
Map processor allows performing modelled situation as map of pollution. Minimal map presentation - it is two layers together: input data layer with emission sources and calculated layer with equal concentration levels. User can customize the map by addition of user-defined layers. It’s possible to download external geographical map, presented in standard Windows formats as well as input simple map-scheme of calculated place by the input of user defined graphics primitives.
Aeolus is opened system. System architecture organized as three logical layers: application layer, calculation layer, and database layer. It allows using calculated and database layer from external applications.
Aeolus is certified system. The Ministry of environmental protection of Ukraine recommends Aeolus 2000 to usage.
Many capabilities which competitors do not have;
Easy to use and easy to learn. 
Process of development of background materials to obtain permission to air emission “Ecozvit” (Copyright Soft fund ltd., Kiev, Ukraine, 2005-2009) .
Implements end-user services to support reporting standardization, unified data exchange between government agencies, industrial enterprises and developers of background materials.
The services are provided to the users in business process framework by personal working area with restricted access. Scheduling, state management, archiving functions included.
The Ministry of environmental protection of Ukraine recommends Ecozvit to usage.
The initial implementation was completely Web based. To meet with user preferences, Ecozvit was adapted to delivery for usage in Intranet environment.